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A Fall Affair Success!!

Regional and Local Elections, AGM and Social

Can you feel the momentum?! We had a fun weekend, made lots of connections and because all labour (with the exception of the lovely musicians) was volunteered, we were able to get a nice jump of our local campaign cofers. Thanks to everyone who volunteered, traveled to our region, donated or simply came out to meet us. Randy from Creston better get a new song ready for next year.

The Invite:

 dinner and social with speakers, comedic interlude, music and a fabulous silent auction. Organized by Nelson-Creston BC Greens but not just for Greens: Everybody is welcome!. Advance Tickets Only.


A Gathering of Eagles

I was invited to speak at the 'A Gathering of Eagles' conference in Castlegar this weekend, a very well attended anti pipeline event. Guests included prominent speakers from First Nations and from the world of politics as well as some great cultural presentations. I spoke just before Alex Atamanenko and NDP energy critic Peter Julian. 

 ....there is a simple correlation, wich is that we have 5 times more carbon reserves in the ground than we can put in the atmosphere if we want to survive. If we want to keep global temperature increases below 2°C, we have to leave 80% of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground. But that is not going to be easy. The estimated value is 27 trillion dollar. That's a lot of money and it is money that you can already find in the balance sheets of big oil and gas and coal companies and they are not going to give that up without a fight. But we have to leave it in the ground. We have to leave it in the ground or we are hooped.....

.....This is a moral issue; the biggest moral issue of our time. Think about it; if we, one of the richest countries on the planet, if we can't bring ourselves to leave that carbon in the ground, if we who have everything, if we can't do it, who the heck do you think can? We have no excuse. No excuse. We have to stop the minority madness.

Because let us be clear, mr Harper's 'majority government' isn't a majority government at all. He got in with just 38% of the votes. Most of us voted against all this........



What Can We Learn From Denmark? By US Senator Bernie Sanders

Danes pay very high taxes, but in return enjoy a quality of life that many Americans would find hard to believe. ..... while it is difficult to become very rich in Denmark no one is allowed to be poor. The minimum wage in Denmark is about twice that of the United States and people who are totally out of the labor market or unable to care for themselves have a basic income guarantee of about $100 per day.

Health care in Denmark is universal, free of charge and high quality. Everybody is covered as a right of citizenship.


Thank you!

Dear friend,

We have our foot in the door. And what a foot! Dr. Andrew Weaver, the first Green MLA ever elected in Canada is a Nobel Peace Prize climate scientist. We truly made history Tuesday. Greens around the world are celebrating this win.

Here at home, we also have much reason to celebrate. We ran a truly Green campaign, positive, principled, recycled, and grassroots. With around 21% of the vote, Greens did better in Nelson-Creston than in any other riding off Vancouver Island. By a stretch. We were the little campaign that could!

It would not have happened without you. Whether it was the coffee klatsch, the much needed donations, the website, the 
upcycled art, the wild sjeng video, endless edits, spreading the word, or whether you became a 'honk-oholic' doing the wave, you came forward. How could we have placed 1000 signs, or phoned hundreds of people, or knocked on countless doors without you? We are so grateful to you all.

You may have noticed, we often look to Elizabeth May for inspiration. After losing a battle against a horrible Harper Bill, Elizabeth said she simply doesn't allow herself to get down. Never, never, not even for a moment, to which she added with a smile that her campaign manager says she runs on hopium.:-)

So we didn't win this time, but our vote nearly tripled in Nelson-Creston, and support for the old parties is very 'soft'. The NDP and the Liberals lost nearly 2,500 votes this election and the first people have already told us that, seeing the provincial results, they wish they had voted for Sjeng. The future belongs to us.

We will be resting a bit and reflect on what we can do even better next time. We would love to hear your thoughts. After that, the campaign for election 2017 begins. We have a foot in the door, we have the momentum, we know history is on our
side. Next time around let's elect 5, 10, or 15 Greens, including one in Nelson-Creston.

Thanks again, keep up the hopium,

Did I drive the world's first solar powered tractor?

We were at the Creston All Candidates Debate last week and heard from a farmer that there are no alternatives to fossil fuel farming equipment. "Wrong", said Joanne and Drew Gailius. Full Circle Farm invited us to see what they have innovated. Today Sjeng drove his wife Ann on their solar electric tractor - so quiet and efficient!


The fracking pipe dream

My fellow Green candidate and Nobel prize winner Andrew Weaver now confirms with overwhelming evidence what I have been telling everybody who was willing to listen: The shared Liberal and NDP dream of future riches from fracking and exporting gas are going to turn into an economic nightmare. The fact that it will turn trillions of liters of pristine BC water into toxic sludge should be enough to stop it. The fact that BC is going to join Alberta as an environmental and climate change rogue province should be enough to stop it. But if that isn't enough for you: fracking will make big oil and gas rich, but it will make the rest of us poor.

Here are the facts:

A vote for the Liberal Party is a vote for fracking

A vote for the NDP is a vote for fracking

Only a vote for the Green Party is a vote against fracking

Make your vote make you feel good!

This is the link to Andrew Weaver's article: 

 BC cleantech sector shows tremendous opportunity for growth. It’s a sector worth encouraging and promoting globally. It creates high-paying jobs and investment opportunities for British Columbians’, it’s export-oriented, and it’s helping to improve the sustainability of the planet.”

Just a few weeks ago, the LA times noted that in the United States, Green Jobs Grow Four Times Faster than Others. That is, there was a 4.9% increase in green jobs in the US from 2010 to 2011, compared to only 1.2% for all jobs. In total, there are 3.4 million green energy jobs in the US and 2.6% of all jobs are now in the green sector. They also pointed out that there was a 42% increase in clean energy business and development investment from 2010 to 2011 with the total now being $48 billion.

Let's work together to ensure BC implements energy policy that manages the transition to a low carbon economy and guarantees British Columbians a prosperous future for generations to come. And positioning our province to become global exporters of new clean technology instead dirty fossil resources of is something all British Columbians would be proud of.

I will eat my hat....

There will be no fear of 'splitting the vote' in Nelson-Creston this election, voters will be able to choose what they believe in. Why? Only one Liberal was elected here in the past 2 decades and that was in 2001 when the NDP was left with just 2 MLA's in the legislature. This time the situation is opposite. Liberal support is collapsing throughout the province and under these circumstances the Liberal candidate here just has no chance of being elected. The race is between the incumbent and me. That is so certain, I will eat my hat!

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Nelson-Creston Greens Hard At Work

This is the Final Submission of the Nelson-Creston Green Party Constituency Association with respect to the above-noted matter.


New Leader of BC Greens Visits Nelson-Creston Oct 25-27, 2013

Highlight of Adam Olsen's visit is the FUDraising event in Nelson, with a road trip across the region to visit with local Leaders.

Come find out how Green you really are. Hear from Sjeng Derkx, Nelson-Creston Green Party Candidate, and find out what we have been doing and plan to do in the future.

Read more at:… (more)

Nelson-Creston Greens Get Smart Meter Opt-Out for FortisBC Customers

Michael Jessen, Green Party of BC Secretary and Nelson-Creston Constituency Association Board Member, together with Andy Shadrack, Regional Director of Regional District Area D, represented the concerns of all Kootenay Boundary FortisBC customers. He helped to write provincial Green Party policy in response to the installation of Smart Meters, and affected some change with FortisBC's attempt at unilateral SmartMeter installations. This is an updated statement from Michael, who sought and was granted Intervenor status in the BC Utilities Commission hearing.

Read more at:… (more)

Message from Elizabeth May to voters on the eve of the BC election

During my campaign in 2011, nearly everyone outside of my team and supporters said there was no way I could win. Even as polls were closing, the media was still saying I didn't have a chance. I recall one interview (with CKNW in Vancouver) days before the vote when the guest host for the Bill Good Show told me I couldn't be elected dogcatcher. And then the results came in - we won by over 7,000 votes (10.1%). It was a very decisive win!

Now that I've been working as an MP for two years, I've worked to improve civility in Parliament, reaching out across party lines within the principles I laid out during my campaign. I've proposed hundreds of amendments to Conservative omnibus bills, I've created two non-partisan caucuses that include members from all five parties, I've kept my constituents and fellow Canadians informed of all the secretive back-room politics that go on in Ottawa, and my fellow MPs even voted me "Parliamentarian of the Year".


General Voting on May 14 2013


Youth Pledge to Vote

30 years old or under?

Comment here that you pledge to vote this Tuesday. No mention of the Party you choose if you do not wish. Just say: "I will vote."

We will match your vote pledge to a $1 donated to the Colours of Nelson: a mural project. There is a $300 administration fee to be paid to the City for a review/approval of a wall identified in town.

Read more at:…

Greens call NDP’s ‘vote splitting’ tactics disrespectful to voters

Victoria, BC – NDP Leader Adrian Dix and Victoria NDP candidates are campaigning hard on southern Vancouver Island on the fear-based threat of vote splitting, despite Dix’s previous statements in November that called such campaigning “disrespectful” to voters.

In an interview on The Voice of BC from Nov. 29, 2012, Dix said, “All of this discussion of vote splitting on all sides is just disrespectful to voters. Voters know what they’re doing, and for the Liberal Party, for example, to say, ‘Oh those Conservative votes should be ours,’ or for the NDP to do the other, I think is just disrespectful of the voters. We should have an open debate, everyone should participate, and I’m willing to take my chances with the vote."


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